Top English Speaking Jobs in Europe

Top English Speaking Jobs in Europe

Whether English is your native language or you enjoy speaking English as a second language, there are so many exciting English speaking jobs waiting for you in Europe!


We sometimes lean towards the safer option when it comes to working or moving abroad. We search far and wide for countries that speak our native language to make our transition easier. But - in this day and age, it’s a lot easier to find English speaking jobs in Europe, in countries where you wouldn´t expect to.

Multinational companies usually hire people of native languages to work in different offices around the world to communicate with their different audiences in different countries. As English is the international language of business, these multinational firms often require candidates to have a good level of English.

To some of us, it can seem offputting to move to a new country, particularly if we do not know the native language of the country. But by relocating for English speaking jobs in Europe, this can sometimes be the best way to learn a new language by throwing ourselves in at the deep end! Some companies also offer fixed-term opportunities to work a seasonal job abroad during summer or winter, which can be the perfect way to ease yourself into your relocation. 


Why you should move abroad?


There are millions of reasons why you should move abroad, but most importantly to improve your employability.  People who move abroad gain a variety of sought-after skills that look very attractive to employers and recruiters. 


From working abroad, you gain valuable experience and insights into other countries working standards and techniques. You meet people from other places in the world and become more knowledgeable about other cultures. Alongside these skills, you gain a handful of soft skills too. 


Reasons to move abroad:


  • Communication Skills


From stepping outside of your comfort zone and working with people from different cultures and languages, you develop strong communicational skills. Especially if you decide to learn a new language or develop existing language skills, you increase your ability to communicate with people, which can help make you stand out against other candidates. As we all know, English is a global language and is one of the most spoken languages in the world, from possessing English language skills, you are already significantly improving your communication skills. 


  • Organisational Skills


Moving abroad takes a lot of organisation; gathering the correct paperwork in terms of visas, travel and health insurance, finding permanent or temporary accommodationopening a bank account, moving or sending your luggage, and so on. If you have already made a successful transition abroad then employers know that you are capable of organising yourself and you have completed one of the most difficult transitions there is, some people wouldn’t know where to start! 


  • Independence


Most recruiters or employers can easily gather that from making a move abroad and adjusting to a completely new life, new home, new network of peoplenew culture, that you are independent. Although you may not feel it, to other people you appear as a very brave individual, you have shown determination and courage to make your move abroad. Employers and recruiters look for independent candidates, who they can trust to use their initiative and who they won’t have to constantly keep an eye over and ´micromanage´. 


  • Highly Adaptable 


Moving to a new place, into a new culture takes some adjusting and the fact that you have successfully done so shows your ability to adapt to new things. To employers, this is a highly desirable trait, especially, if you want to work for a smaller size company. Being adaptable and resistant to change is beneficial to employers, knowing that you won’t have trouble taking on new projects or adjusting to changes within the company. 


Where to move?


The next thing to consider is where exactly are these English speaking jobs in Europe? There are lots of places to consider moving to if you have an advanced/fluent level of English. As we mentioned, the English language is one of the most spoken languages, and from its high demand, companies are hiring English speakers all over the world. 

If you are looking for a new adventure, somewhere exciting and not traditionally or natively English, we have just what you are looking for. Europe Language Jobs advertise hundreds of English speaking opportunities all over Europe, in places you couldn’t imagine speaking English as your main language. 


  • The Czech Republic 


Moving to the Czech Republic as an English speaker is becoming easier than ever. People from the Czech Republic know that most tourists and ex-pats won't be able to speak Czech and due to this, they have made a conscious effort to learn the English language. The number of English-speaking opportunities in Prague is constantly rising and more recently in Brno too. Therefore, finding employment in that country with a great reputation is becoming easier. The cost of living in the Czech Republic varies from city to city but in comparison to other European countries, it has some of the cheapest cities to live in with a comfortable standard of living. You can find exciting opportunities with Webhelp Czech Republic in Sales, Recruitment, Accountancy, Customer Care and Business Management. 


  • Poland 


Next up, Poland! Who’d have thought that you could move to Poland and speak only English? English is widely spoken in Poland, especially by the younger generation and as many as 37% of Polish people speak English. There are lots of jobs in Poland for English speakers, Call Centre, Accountant, Teamleader, Developers, etc. If you want to move somewhere with a reasonable cost of living, high-quality healthcare, affordable accommodation, cheap transport and of course, beer - Poland is the one! 


  • Greece


You may have always wanted to live somewhere as picturesque as the beautiful Greek islands and mainland. With over half of the population speaking English, there’s no need to hold back. There are exciting English-speaking job opportunities in Tech Support, Customer Representatives, Project Managers and more. Are you ready to make your move to a country so rich in history, beautiful architecture, perfect warm weather and most importantly, a lower cost of living? Greece is the place to be! 



  • Germany


Perhaps you are looking to move somewhere well-organised and structured, well Germany is the place to move. Germany has a lot to offer to English speaking expats, especially when it comes to career opportunities. You can find plenty of English speaking jobs in Germany in a variety of sectors, from Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Computer Engineering, and more! There are lots of benefits for English speakers who want to move to Germany, just one of these benefits is the considerably high salaries for shorter working hours, not to mention, free Education! But overall, the cost of living is considerably higher than in all of the countries mentioned above. 


  • Spain 


Moving to Spain, as an English speaker is easier than it looks, even if you don’t know any Spanish! Spain is a beautiful country, rich in culture, music, delicious food, beautiful weather, and creativity. The cost of living depends highly on the city that you live in, the cost of living in Barcelona is considerably higher but there are lots of exciting English speaking job opportunities, from Marketing, HR, Sales, Account Management and more. Make the most of the beautiful weather, the picturesque Spanish countryside, and culture-rich cities, in a country where your English language skills are highly valued. 


The list doesn't stop there, there are so many places you can make a move to with your English language skills. Check out our job board, you can filter by English speaking opportunities or by the destination you want to move to. Nowadays, it's so much easier to move somewhere with your native language, so take a look at the possibilities on our job board. 


Where to begin?


  • CV preparation


Wherever are you are planning to move with your English language skills, it’s time to adapt your CV to the country you want to move to. Each country has different expectations when it comes to CV formats and content, so it’s important to prepare a flawless CV to boost your applications. Even if you have killer English skills and lots of experience, your CV could be the one thing that is stopping you from getting any interviews. 


For example, Employers in both Germany and Poland, prefer to see Education first on your CV, whereas Greece and Spain prefer to see your work experience. All of these countries expect to see a professional photograph of yourself, which is the opposite of the UK and other English speaking countries


  • Research


Whichever country you decide to move to, it’s important to complete some research on the country beforehand to make sure that this transition will be the right one for you! Moving abroad as an expat comes with lots of difficulties alongside its many benefits, so our advice is to be as prepared as you can be! There are lots of ways to research countries online… 


Useful websites and resources for expats:

All in all, moving abroad is incredibly advantageous, for both your skillset and your career. There are so many English speaking opportunities across Europe, so you should never feel limited to moving to only English speaking countries, there are so many English speaking jobs in Europe, in countries with different languages. Moving to new countries with different languages and cultures is an extremely brave and life-changing thing to do. Sometimes moving to a country with little to no knowledge of the language is the best way to learn a new language! As we mentioned earlier, by throwing yourself in at the deep end, you will feel motivated to learn a new language to feel more at home and more respectful. As always, our advice to any job seeker is to consider making that move abroad!

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