Top 5 Countries to Pursue a Finance Career as an Expat

Top 5 Countries to Pursue a Finance Career as an Expat

Many of you have heard this question coming from society before, “is finance a good career path?”

Research has shown that professional and educational opportunities abroad are the main reason why millennials are becoming expats. Therefore, yes, finance is still considered a good career path. However, there are some tips to make this journey smoother. 

In order to succeed in this venture, choosing the country of destination plays an important role in it. Surely, countries, which can’t provide a balanced lifestyle and an affordable cost of living are immediately off the list. Using other words, targeting prosperous, investment-attractive, and cosmopolitan countries would be wiser. 

So, here are the top 5 countries to consider in order to develop your career in finance.


If you are looking for a distinctive country, Hungary might just be the perfect place for you. Many expats choose it as their haven because of its peculiarities.

Although not all Hungarians speak English, they tend to be very open-minded and will do anything in their power to understand you. 

In recent years, the Hungarian economy began to actively develop. Budapest, it’s capital,  became one of the most influential cities in Europe, and it’s ranked 22nd in Tholons Services Globalization City Index in 2019. In addition,  the information technology field is expanding at a particularly fast pace, turning Hungary into an  attractive destination for software development outsourcing. 

What are your thoughts about Hungary after reading this? Do you think it offers a good finance career path? 


Poland is located on the border between Slavic and European cultures, and unambiguously absorbed the best features of both of them. According to the latest HSBC expat survey, this is one of the best countries for expatriates professionals with high ambitions to live and work at. 

Moreover, the country is seen as very attractive for investments as many foreign companies deploy their offices and research centers there. In general, Poland's policy is extremely positive towards foreign workers, regardless of their status making finance a good career path to follow in this country. 

Do you think you got to know everything about Poland? Take a quiz on “How Well Do You Know Poland” to be sure.


What is the first association that comes to your mind when someone mentions Cyprus? If you are thinking about the sea, warm climate, beautiful nature, and luxury hotels, then you are definitely right. Although this is not our main focus here, those factors could always interfere in your final destination choice. Cyprus is a huge offshore zone, which is super attractive for foreign companies that want to reduce tax costs and simplify many business procedures. Of course, they all need financial advice, control, and audit. What is more, Cyprus is constantly attracting investments in the real estate and tourism business.

Be that as it may, a finance specialist will not be left without a job in this country, even if you are an expat. Additionally, Cyprus has favorable taxation conditions for the expatriates themselves, and the excellent geographical location combined with an economical lifestyle are pleasant bonuses to have.

Does Cyprus offer a good career in finance? I believe the answer is unanimous.


Until a few years ago, Malta had no chance of appearing on this list. The country had a fairly high level of poverty and unemployment and was only attractive for tourism. However, everything has changed. Malta  has turned into a real economic power, becoming one of the leading countries for expats pursuing a finance career path. 

Even though the country’s main industries continue to be tourism and electricity manufacturing, there seems to be a huge potential for green energy production, which means the need for qualified personnel from many areas will continue to increase.

Furthermore, Malta’s excellent climate, advantageous map location, and the opportunity for an affordable lifestyle are attractive for both investors and expats.

Czech Republic

As well as Poland, Czech Republic is one of the top 10 best countries for expats in the world.  It is the perfect destination for expats, who want to balance their personal and professional life.

Most expatriates tend to go to Prague, where the integration process seems to be quite easy and where a good finance career path is highly valued. In Prague, one could find many opportunities in the sectors of manufacturing and innovations development as well as an affordable cost of living.

Is finance a good career path for you? If you have reached this point of the article, the answer is yes!  Now, it is time to decide your country to explore and soar. 

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Top 5 Countries to Pursue a Finance Career as an Expat

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