Top Jobs and Languages in Demand in Greece Right Now

Top Jobs and Languages in Demand in Greece Right Now

You may have heard Greece being referred to as “the Mediterranean paradise” (among other nicknames). It works to describe this country perfectly - it is an extremely popular destination, both in terms of holidays and permanent relocation. And can you imagine becoming an expat there, and making this place where others only get to spend a few days in the summer your home?


It’s possible! In this guide, we’ll show you the most in-demand positions and languages in the heart of Greece, Athens. The range of possibilities is quite vast, so if moving to the sunny Greece is your dream, you’ll definitely find an option that suits you!


Let’s start with the top jobs in demand in Athens right now. 


  1. Digital Business Consultant
  2. Customer Service Specialist
  3. Technical Support Engineer



  1. Digital Business Consultant


This job title sounds a bit mysterious, doesn’t it? Well, what hides beneath it is actually quite an interesting career opportunity!


A Digital Business Consultant is basically a link between the company and other businesses. You will receive thorough product training, which will qualify you to provide advice to entrepreneurs about how to increase their reputation.


You will also provide them with details concerning the ways in which potential customers search for them and for their products or services. You will then implement those tactics in real life, improving the businesses’ online presence in the most famous search engine. 


Your other tasks will involve examining various kinds of issues and finding solutions to them, as well as promoting certain products to existing customers. 


As you can see, the job of a Digital Business Consultant offers a wide range of daily tasks. The position is rather complex, so you will definitely never get bored, as every day will bring new challenges!


So, if you are resourceful, can be quick on your feet and have good communication skills, then this job is perfect for you! It comes with a certain dose of responsibility, but it is also extremely rewarding. 


  1. Customer Service Specialist


As many international companies are opening branches in the capital city of Athens, the demand for language speakers who will come and join them on board is rapidly growing. The business’s image is extremely important these days, so the Customer Service department is crucial in every company.


Customer Service Specialists are knights in shining armours, ready to provide aid to those in distress and, if need be, defend the company’s honour. They communicate with customers in different forms - via phone, online chat, and email to deliver quality solutions to their problems. They stand on guard of high customer satisfaction by representing major brands.


In this role, you will demonstrate your time management and work organisation skills by tracking and following cases in order to close them in a timely and efficient manner. Your communication skills will also come in handy while building and maintaining a strong relationship with customers and partners. Your goal-oriented mind will help you reach targets and work to gradually increase them - lucrative bonuses come with that, after all!


It is a people-oriented role, perfect for those who have been gifted with unlimited resources of empathy and whose perfect job prioritises interpersonal relations. Patience and resistance to stress are required, as well as a good knowledge of various software technologies. If you’d like to find a job with your native language in the city of gods, then this role is perfect for you! 


  1. Technical Support Engineer


Calling all tech-wizzes out there! In a world where technical progress sometimes runs too fast for most mortals to catch up, Technical Support Engineers are the new definition of the Avengers. 


In this role, you will come to the rescue of those less tech-savvy by answering queries and troubleshooting various technical issues through collaboration, resolution, and escalation. Additionally, you will need to make sure to keep the customers up-to-date on the resolution status of their issues, as well as register each case in the internal system. 


Aside from solving the issues, it is also crucial that you investigate the root of each one in order to prevent it from repeating in the future and ensure the highest customer satisfaction possible. You will therefore be able to contribute to the development of the company by implementing your technical skills and knowledge on a daily basis. 


It’s safe to say that the role of a Technical Support Engineer is a rewarding one. Being able to help those who got left behind in the technology evolution process brings a lot of satisfaction - you will essentially be able to do what you’re good at, helping others at the same time.


So, if you have what it takes, then don’t wait around! After all, what’s better than a job allowing you to develop your potential in a country topping most people’s bucket lists?


Now that we’ve had an insight into the three different jobs from various industries that are in demand, let’s have a look at the most sought-after languages in Athens, Greece!


  1. German
  2. Danish
  3. Nordic languages
  4. Italian 


  1. German


No surprises here - German takes the lead as the most demanded language everywhere, and Greece is no different. Native German speakers might be reluctant to move to Athens, given the economic differences between the countries.


The salaries in Greece might indeed be lower than what those living in Germany, Austria, and especially Switzerland are used to, but let’s not forget - so is the cost of living. 


Greece continues to figure among the top cheapest European countries to live in, so rest assured that the salaries are matched to the local standards. And think about all the things you will find there that you won’t encounter in inland Europe: the turquoise sea, golden beaches, sunny climate, and Mediterranean cuisine. Are you convinced yet, or should we go on?


In case you need more arguments, have a look at our other article, where we explain why Athens should be your next expat destination


  1. Danish


Surprised? Danish is probably not the first language that comes to mind when we think about languages in demand in Greece. 


Companies in Athens actively look for Danish speakers because, as you can probably imagine, people speaking that language cannot be easily found in Greece. Those from the North of Europe hardly ever move South.


This is motivated by the economic differences between those two parts of the EU - the citizens of the Northern part usually perceive Southern countries more as holiday destinations rather than potential places for living. We are here to prove why that point of view is worth reconsidering. 


Why enjoy the Mediterranean climate for two weeks a year tops, when you can take advantage of it every day? Earning in Greece while paying your bills in Denmark might be tough, but earning in Greece while paying your bills in Greece is absolutely doable!


There is a reason why people from the South are said to lead a more relaxed lifestyle - when your entire existence stops revolving around money, you are finally free to enjoy other pleasures the world has to offer!


And, mind you, when it comes to pleasures, Greece is there to provide quite a wide range of them. 


  1. Nordic languages (Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish)


Probably yet another group of languages you didn’t expect to find on the list of languages in demand in Athens. But yes, the growing presence of international companies in Greece requires native speakers with the knowledge of Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish. 


Out of all the sought-after languages mentioned in this article, these three probably come with the biggest culture shock. A whole continent (literally!) divides Greece and Scandinavia, and while both are located in Europe, they might as well come from two different worlds. The hygge lifestyle clashes with the relaxed Greek mentality while order and punctuality give way to living in the moment. 


There are, however, aspects that the Greeks and Scandinavians have in common: the appreciation for nature and the preference for outdoor activities resulting from it, love for family, and the active efforts to achieve a good work-life balance. Those values might be reflected in different ways in those contrasting cultures, but as long as the mentality is built on the same pillars, common ground can be found. 


  1. Italian


One more example to show you that companies based in Athens are not only interested in mutlilinguals coming from far, far away. Italians might find the transfer to Greece a lot less shocking than Germans or Scandinavians. 


They share their appreciation for family, traditions, and - most importantly - food. The cuisines might be different, but doesn’t the pleasure stem from discovering new dishes and flavours? Both cultures are dedicated to practising the so-called slow living as well, so Italian speakers will potentially enjoy the move across the sea. 


Greece is the perfect solution for Italian expats who wish to experience living abroad, but at the same time would rather avoid moving too far away from home. By settling in Athens, they will be able to continue enjoying the presence of the sea and the relaxed lifestyle, at the same time having the possibility to hop on a relatively short flight home at literally any moment. 


Of course, we are not saying that those are the only languages which will allow you to find a job in Greece. Our job board offers opportunities with many, many other languages, such as: French, Dutch, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Maltese, Portuguese, Hungarian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Icelandic, and even Indonesian! And yes, it is also possible to find a job in Greece for Greek speakers :)


Now that we have an overview of the diversity of jobs and languages that are in demand in Athens, Greece, you may be wondering where to look for such opportunities, then. Let us introduce you to a company that’s an expert in recruitment in the Greek capital: Teleperformance Greece.


You can find all of the jobs described above for the mix of languages listed in their offer. They are constantly looking to expand their modern headquarters in Athens, and therefore update our job board with new exciting offers for multilinguals literally every day!


They understand that moving to Greece from various corners of Europe may pose quite a challenge, so they do their best to provide the best support and make the transition as smooth as possible. With every position, they offer:


  • Complete relocation support including: a flight ticket to Greece, pick up and drop off at the airport, and accommodation for the first 4 weeks of your stay, as well as assistance in finding a place to live over that time and the coverage of the real estate fee 

  • Competitive salary + 2 bonus salaries throughout the year

  • Private health insurance

  • Various discounts and additional benefits

  • Onboarding training provided by experienced professionals

  • Constant career growth opportunities in the company

  • Exciting company events

  • Free online Greek language courses

  • A modern office by the sea, with the possibility of hybrid work in certain positions


Applying for a position with Teleperformance Greece, you get it all: an interesting job in various areas, the possibility to work with your native language, an expat experience in a country most only dream about, and the support and benefits you deserve!


Opportunities like that don’t grow on trees, so don’t overthink it - if the culture, climate, and food of Greece are calling out to you, and you see yourself in any of the roles described above, go for it. The diversity of job offers is quite big, and new ones pop up on our job board constantly, so keep an eye out for updates. 


We hope we have inspired you to consider starting your adventure in the land of gods and myths. You see now that finding your dream job with your native language in Greece doesn’t require complicated philosophy (pun intended), so take the leap of faith and spread your wings like Icarus (hopefully with a more positive result).


Teleperformance in Greece- A multilingual hub of opportunities


In the heart of Greece and its rich culture, favorable weather, and well-known cuisine, Teleperformance in Greece has established itself as a beacon of opportunity for multilingual professionals seeking an international career. With locations in Athens, Thessaloniki and Chania Crete, Teleperformance offers a diverse range of job categories, such as customer service representatives to content reviewers for social media. Let’s dive deeper into what makes Teleperformance in Greece an enticing prospect for job seekers worldwide.


1) Embracing diversity: Teleperformance in Greece prides itself on the multicultural workforce, bringing together individuals from all over the world. In a diverse workplace, employees collaborate, innovate, and thrive, drawing on their varied experiences. This multinational environment enriches the overall work experience for every team member.


2) Exciting career opportunities: Teleperformance in Greece provides a platform for individuals to build an international career within a successful company. From projects for worldwide brands to innovative solutions, employees at Teleperformance Greece are at the forefront of developments in various industries.


3) Professional development: Professional growth and development of employees has always been a priority for Teleperformance through ongoing training programs. Certified instructors offer valuable skills and expertise to empower employees to excel in their roles.


4) Social responsibility initiatives: Going beyond the workplace Teleperformance is committed to making a positive impact in the local communities. Through social responsibility initiatives such as blood donation, reforestation projects and beach cleanups, the employees actively contribute to social and environmental causes.


5) State of the art premises: Teleperformance’s premises provide employees with a comfortable working environment, from modern offices to relaxing break areas.


6) Equal opportunities: As a Great Place to Work- Certified Company, Teleperformance in Greece is committed to fostering diversity and offering equal opportunities to all employees, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, culture of age.


If you live abroad and would like to work for Teleperformance in Greece, relocation support will be provided, to assist employees every step of the way. From assisting with flights and accommodation to navigating local authorities, an effortless transition is guaranteed.


In conclusion, Teleperformance in Greece offers much more than just a job, it’s a gateway to a rewarding career in a global company that values diversity and employee well-being. Whether you are a native speaker of German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish or any other language, Teleperformance in Greece welcomes you to join its multicultural team from withing a variety of available jobs.



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