How Can Europe Language Jobs Help Your Career?

How Can Europe Language Jobs Help Your Career?

When it comes to pursuing a career, we must understand what decisions to make and what tools to use to succeed. Choose Europe Language Jobs to assist you in branding yourself as we are the job platform that puts you as the main focus.


It is all about the candidate, giving them the chance to shine by allowing them to fill in all their language skills and be found by employers that way. Offers not just in various cities of one country, but various countries in Europe to allow those with wanderlust to be inspired to travel and live their best life. 


Keeping this in mind, we are proud to serve you and finally introduce ourselves to you properly:


  1. European Market Knowledge

  2. Direct Contact with EU Companies

  3. Direct Contact with Universities

  4. Direct Contact with Candidates

  5. CV Optimization 

  6. Training/Coaching sessions

  7. Europe Language Jobs Blog

  8. Europe Language Café

  9. Pique Your Curiosity

  10. Free Gifts 




  • What is Europe Language Jobs?


Europe Language Jobs (ELJ) is an online job board/platform exclusively for multilinguals wishing to live and work in Europe. ELJ is the bridge between top companies and language-speaking candidates. 


*Europe Language Jobs is not a recruitment firm or placement agency* 


  • What is Europe Language Jobs’ Purpose?


Europe Language Jobs’s purpose is to connect multilingual candidates with companies in Europe by offering vacancies on our platform. 



  • How does Europe Language Jobs Work?


In order to effectively use the Europe Language Jobs’ platform, the candidates have to:


  • Register 

  • Fill in their profile with languages they speak and professional experience

  • Upload their CV 

  • Get their CV reviewed by Top CV (clicking the box that says review CV)

  • Apply for jobs by selecting the languages they speak & the countries they are interested in working at.

  • Subscribe to newsletter and notifications (these are information sent directly to you with offers that match the candidate’s profile)


(All of it is tailored to provide a high-quality user experience)


*Please keep in mind that Europe Language Jobs does not control the companies’ hiring process and therefore cannot advise on any kind of visas* 



  • How can Europe Language Jobs Help Your Career?


There are multiple ways Europe Language Jobs can help your career. Let’s take a closer look at some of them: 


1. European Market Knowledge


Unlike most job boards, such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or Indeed, Europe Language Jobs is focused on a specific market, the European job market. This being said, our professionals come from all over the continent to bring you the best knowledge one could get through our platform. 


ELJ offers not only vacancies in all countries and for all language speakers, but we also run two blog pages read over 70K times per month, where we share valuable career insights and relocation guides. ELJ’s content is displayed to assist candidates and share as much information as possible to help them succeed in landing a job and relocating. 


Additionally, ELJ is aware of the hiring process in each and every country in Europe, which candidates value as they apply for jobs across this incredible continent. (Read more below - topic 6) 



2. Direct Contact with EU Companies


Europe Language Jobs can help your career by providing top EU companies' vacancies on the platform. Of course, it is up to the candidate to apply and match the role’s position. However, as ELJ has multiple connections with international organizations, it makes it more accessible to job seekers. 


In addition, ELJ offers webinars in which firms, such as Teleperformance participate and showcase positions available in specific countries. The goal here is to present opportunities to our multilingual candidates. 



3. Direct Contact with Universities


If you are a student or recent graduate, Europe Language Jobs can definitely help your career.




ELJ has multiple collaborations with universities across Europe and the main partnerships consist of:


  • Workshops

  • Events

  • One-on-one sessions


The goal between our collaborations with universities is to reach a win-win situation in which students find what they are looking for, follow their dreams, and pursue their career, while companies are satisfied with applications, find their perfect match, and continue to offer positions in their companies for language speakers from all over Europe. 



4. Direct Contact with Candidates


The communication department at Europe Language Jobs is constantly speaking to candidates and assisting them through emails and social media posts. 


If the candidate has any questions, they can take a look at our FAQ page, or reach out to us by filling out the online form



5. CV Optimization


Europe Language Jobs has partnered with CV Maker to provide a professional review of uploaded CVs with the scope of boosting their employability. 


Once registered, the candidate can upload their CV and check the box that says “I want to get a CV Review”. 



6. Training/Coaching Sessions 


Europe Language Jobs partners with industry professionals (career coaches, HR managers, recruiters, and hiring companies) to offer virtual career events, coaching sessions, one-on-ones and much more for candidates and companies. These aim to give up-to-date industry knowledge on the recruiting process and European market tips. 


An example of a virtual career event is the 30-Day Challenge, which happens every year in the month of October. The event consists of providing the tools to help each candidate find a job. Last year, the challenge covered content on topics between how to decide in which direction to go when choosing a career, how to write a CV, and how to reject a job offer.


The candidates who subscribe through the website would receive daily emails with blogs relevant to the challenge and with a “task” to be completed on their own, so the candidates could work on the themes introduced in the challenge. 


7. Europe Language Jobs Blog 


The Europe Language Jobs blog is an archive offering you hundreds of free career-based articles. It will guide you through every step of the way when it comes to job hunting, applying, relocating, and settling in. We want you to feel accompanied through the exciting journey that is finding your dream job!


  • Searching and Applying for Jobs


We have a blog for every occasion! When venturing into the recruitment process, for example, the ELJ blog can advise you on how to compose the perfect CV, which common mistakes to avoid, provide inspiration for successful cover letters, and even prepare you for specific interview questions.


Not only do we write clear, in-depth how-to articles, but we also provide insights into cultural differences pertinent to various European business environments and how to best tailor your applications to these. For example, take a look at our breakdown of the differences between an EU and UK résumé.


Moreover, we highly value our international audience, and so many of our articles are written with non-native English speakers in mind; you can even find grammar advice such as giveaways that English is not your mother tongue to watch out for in cover letters.



  • Relocating 


There are so many attractive European cities to work in, yet so many remain unknown or people simply forget to consider moving abroad as an option to find work.


As strong Europe supporters, this saddens us, which is why we have selected the cities with the best employment prospects and have written detailed expat guides about them. Just check our Ultimate Expat Guide to Lisbon or Athens and try to tell us you’re not tempted to move!


Of course, we are well aware that relocating your life to a new country is not without its challenges, so you can be certain to find all the key information regarding the best neighbourhoods to live in, the paperwork required, the public transport system, the cost of living, outdoor activities, and even the nightlife of each city on our blog.



  • Settling In


Moving abroad is one thing, but truly integrating and feeling that you belong in that country is another. On our blog page, you can find tips for settling into a new city and ensuring it feels like home. Depending on the city you choose, you can check our lists of online groups and communities of foreigners or people similar to you to connect with and make new friends.


You can also read real testimonies from others who have gone before you and successfully installed themselves abroad, like Asya from Russia who moved to Sweden to work at Volvo. Hearing such inspiring stories will show you that taking this big step is easily possible, and that you’re not alone! 





8. Europe Language Café


What else can help you settle into a new homeland? Knowing all about your destination of choice. This is where our other, more lighthearted blog comes in…


You can read fun facts about the country’s language, test your knowledge of the language with fun quizzes, find out common stereotypes regarding your destination, discover the traditions, cuisine, and much more! 


9. Pique Your Curiosity 


Even if you are simply using our platform to find a job in your home country, our goal is to plant the seed of wanderlust in your brain and inspire you to travel. The advantage of Europe Language Jobs over other job boards is that you cannot change easily between countries and view the number of offers listed in each city.


In fact, when selecting your destination, you have to read our list of countries and might just be tempted to click on somewhere unexpected. The “I’ll just look for fun” can swiftly become a more concrete interest and later a reality with the help of our blogs explaining the top reasons to visit specific countries. 



10. Free Gifts


Do your other job boards treat you? We didn’t think so! As a thank you for visiting our site, we would like to share our Employment Guide with you. It is an everything-you-need-to-know manual on the jobs market in Europe and contains all the information you need in order to secure yourself a job wherever you may be searching.


Europe Language Jobs would like to wish you the best of luck with your applications and hopes that your dream role is but a few clicks away! Let us know if you have been hired through us and how your experience was! Where are you from and where did you choose to go? So much choice!


Feeling inspired? Visit our blog for more career advice! How can you be sure the information we provide is top-notch? We are a group of professionals working with recruiters, career coaches, and HR specialists from all over the world! 

Trust our experience and let us help you find a new job in Europe!