Why Do People Move Abroad More Than Ever?

Why Do People Move Abroad More Than Ever?

Moving abroad is becoming more and more popular and has plenty of benefits such as travelling to new places, meeting new people and cultures. For some people, moving abroad is a necessity, while for others it’s a choice. People are more willing to relocate abroad for work, relationships or just a new adventure. In Europe, around 50 million people live outside their home countries for a better quality of life and living new experiences.


Things develop quickly, economies are changing and people become more courageous and fearless. For students, it has become a normal and natural thing to have at least one international experience, but now, young professionals are embracing this more and more as well. In the end, some settle in a whole new country for good, while others keep on wandering to new places all the time.


Why do people move abroad?

The reasons people move abroad differ from person to person, but we believe these are the main ones:

  1. Employment
  2. Studies
  3. Expand horizons
  4. Better life
  5. Weather


Benefits of moving abroad

Living abroad it's not always a walk in the park. You will be away from your friends and family and might be going through difficult situations, but there are more benefits than disadvantages regarding moving abroad. Whether this is for a short period of time or a long period of time, there are some things that will change in your life.


Besides the advantages of having the opportunity to experience a new country and culture while travelling and meeting new people, as well as learning a new language, the most important aspects are reflected on you as an individual. The benefits of moving and living abroad are the ones based on personal growth and professional development.


Personal growth

During an experience abroad, you will discover a new self. This will lead to a better understanding of your own person. According to a study made by AFS and the University of Essex, people who have lived abroad are less stressed and anxious and have a higher level of self-esteem. You gain more confidence due to the fact that you need to go out and meet and make friends, you have to get out of your comfort zone. According to the study, people who lived abroad are more satisfied with their life and happier. The decision to move abroad demonstrates independence, motivation, maturity, responsibility, and the ability to take decisions and adapt to changes. The values you gained during your time spent in your home country will be improved and attached to the new ones you will be developing.


Professional development

Working in a foreign country will make your CV look impressive and help your application stand out. Working abroad will open many doors for you. You get to come into contact with a whole different culture and will develop new skills such as learning a new language. The training and experience gained abroad are some of the things employers and recruiters are looking for. More and more hiring managers are interested in hiring professionals who have international experience. Even a volunteering programme can benefit your career. You acquire skills that are ideal for any job and some of them are the following:

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Leadership
  • Empathy
  • Adaptability
  • Team-work


Best expat destinations

This year's Relocation Week brought in the spotlight 5 countries from all over Europe. Our candidates showed interest in learning more about relocating to countries like Spain, Portugal, Malta, Bulgaria and the United Kingdom. We have partnered up with some of the most valuable companies located in the countries stated above in order to give our audience the best tips regarding moving abroad. 


1. Portugal

Have you ever considered relocating to Portugal? As you probably know, Portugal has great weather, amazing gastronomy, and a culture that is becoming more international. That is why Adecco, one of our Relocation Week partners, offers you some tips on how to successfully relocate to Portugal and take another step in your career. Julien Ferrat, International Recruiter at Adecco, has shared his thoughts about the Portuguese culture “Compared to other countries, a lot of processes work a little bit slower here because Portuguese people have different ways of tackling things. The working environment is very friendly here, and you do not feel the hierarchy as much as you might feel it working in other countries. Portuguese people have a more welcoming approach towards everyone, which also transfers to their personal life.”


More reasons why we think relocating to Portugal is a good idea are:

  • The climate – Portugal has the best climate. It’s warmer than Rome, Madrid, or Athens, with an average of 300 days of sun per year.
  • Quality of life – Portugal ranked number 1 on quality of life for expats. This survey took into consideration health, safety and security, personal happiness, as well as travel and transport.
  • Cost of living – the cost of living is significantly lower in Portugal compared to other European countries. Good food, good wine, and a good quality of life.


2. Bulgaria

Bulgaria – a small but significant country at the border of three continents – will always remain in the hearts of everyone who has come to visit it, namely with its breathtaking natural scenery such as the world-famous ski resorts of Bansko or Borovets, its pristine beaches, rose valleys, and last but not least – its welcoming people. Bulgaria is a developing country that offers many international opportunities for expats thinking about relocating to Bulgaria. ASTREA Recruitment is the leading Human Resources provider and has been providing customer experience excellence for 11 years now. They have indeed devoted their professional lives towards helping you find something that suits your needs. They partner with dozens of different local and international companies and offer thousands of positions overall. 


Our Marketing Bulgarian team member gave us three simple reasons why you should relocate to Bulgaria:

  • The wild beaches – Bulgaria is famous for its wild, beautiful beaches and some of them are the most attractive in Europe. On top of that, Bulgaria has beaches for every type of traveller.
  • Bulgarian people – warm-hearted and welcoming, this is how Bulgarians are. They are hospitable and friendly people. In no time, you’ll be making Southern friends.
  • Winter and summer – if you are a 4 seasons' person, Bulgaria is perfect for outdoor activities in every season. You can enjoy a proper hot summer and a snowy winter, as well as a pleasant spring and chilly autumn in between.


3. Spain

When you think of Spain, many thoughts come to your mind and it seems like a great place to relocate to. From its world-renowned architecture and style to its delicious cuisine. Wherever you go in Spain you get a taste of history through its vibrant culture from the past and present. We believe that relocating to Spain is always a good idea, so we put together a comprehensive guide with tips and information on how to go about it, with the help of our Relocation Week partner, CPM. The Recruitment Team and this is what they shared with us “I fell in love with Barcelona while I was in university and it was an easy decision to come back here when I graduated because I simply loved it. People are so much more open and friendly. There’s more interaction between people, which I really enjoy. There is a greater sense of togetherness, I would say.”


More reasons why Spain is a great place to relocate to:

  • The Mediterranean diet – Spain is a healthy place to live in. the good weather and the famous Mediterranean diet is the perfect place to be. You are never too far from the beach.
  • The language – Spanish is one of the most used languages in the world with 400 million speakers. This will give you an advantage in the international job market.
  • Healthcare – Spain has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. International residents working in Spain also have complete health coverage.


4. Malta

Malta has many things to offer, starting from its rich history and the mix of Arabic, Italian and British influences.  The sandy beaches make it the perfect place to enjoy the warm days in a quite blended community. Along with Sophie Colbeck, Talent Acquisition Manager at Mr. Green, we wanted to share important information explaining the Maltese culture and to give some suggestions regarding moving to Malta. Malta is a developing country and it offers many opportunities to foreigners in areas such as Online Gaming, Finance, IT and Tourism. In the past years, the Maltese island has attracted many expats through its sunshine and easy-going lifestyle.


Besides the reasons stated above, we think the following 3 reasons should also be added to the list:

  • The economy – Malta was considered the fastest booming economy in Europe during 2018. The Maltese economy remains strong and continues to have a stable economic environment with a low employment rate.
  • Multilingual island – English is the second official language in Malta and 88% of the population speaks English. In fact, many Maltese are fluent in Italian too.
  • The diversity – Malta is a country of diversity, it’s the place where history and contemporary meet. It’s the place where the old and new, the local traditions and foreign influences become one.


5. United Kingdom

As a partner of the Relocation Week the team at Conduent have shared some of the key insights to give you a taste of what it’s like to work in the UK and at Conduent, and this is what they said “The UK is full of opportunities and amazing experiences. You can travel from the top to the bottom of the country in just 10 hours! It has many great places to visit including our fantastic capital city London which is just 2 hours from Bournemouth by train.” The UK is a highly-developed country with strong economic stability, offering many exciting opportunities for expats. One of the reasons people find the UK to be the easiest place to move to is the fact that English is the official language, which minimises the language barrier. 


But this is not all, we added 3 more important reasons for expats:

  • Jobs – the UK has a large number of job offers. There are various skills in demand in the British market for expats. Sectors vary from finance to computer programming to the social sector.
  • Quality of life – being a developed country, the UK offers an excellent quality of life. People have access to advanced technology, healthcare and top transportation. 
  • The culture – the UK is the home of great music, some of the best museums, as well as architecture and world sports.


We think 2019 is another year full of opportunities for foreigners to relocate to different countries. Every year countries are evolving and leaning towards a more international environment where expats are seen as valuable employees because of their language skills and mindset. Both expats and companies benefit from this exchange and this way they improve both on a personal and professional level.

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