Top Language Jobs In Portugal Worth Relocating For

Top Language Jobs In Portugal Worth Relocating For


Portugal, a country rich in picturesque landscapes, beautiful beaches, quaint towns and beautiful weather. Why wouldn’t you want to search for jobs in Portugal with your language skills? 


The job market in Portugal is growing rapidly and so is the demand for different European language speakers. Now is an exciting time for travellers and expatriates as it’s becoming easier and easier to find jobs in Portugal even if you don’t know Portuguese. (Although, we do encourage you to learn Portuguese!)


Portugal is filled with more internationals and expatriates than ever before. There has been a rise of digital nomads and European travellers who have taken a liking to Portugal and decided to make Portugal their new home. Cities like Porto, Lisbon and Braga have become more and more popular over the past couple of years and the expat community is growing. Also, Algarve is becoming one of the most popular places for expats, here you can find tips on moving to the Algarve, Portugal. There are so many reasons why Portugal is becoming the dream destination for Europeans and travellers, now is the time to search for jobs in Portugal! 


Prepare For Your Job Search


As we always like to express, different countries have different rules when it comes to CV writing and the application process. It’s important to research this before applying for any jobs in Portugal to ensure that your CV, cover letter and your general job search approach is up to the Portuguese standards.

Portugal’s CV structure differs from other European countries in terms of length and structure, they tend to be less strict when it comes to the length of your CV. Accepting around 1-3 pages, unlike other European countries who usually have a strict limit of 2 pages in length. 





German-Speaking Jobs


If you are a German-speaking candidate, your language skills are in more demand than ever before across Europe. There are so many jobs in Portugal for German-speakers, it’s time to relocate to the colourful Portuguese landscapes and towns. 


The available jobs in Portugal are mostly Customer Service based roles, so if this is something you are looking for, Portugal is the place for you! In Lisbon and Porto there are large German communities making your move considerably easier and helping you to feel more at home. Not to mention, the beer is even cheaper than Germany too!


Top Sectors:

Travel & Tourism



French-Speaking Jobs


It’s not just the cost of living that is persuading French natives to move to Portugal, it’s the picturesque countrysides, beautiful beaches and the ideal weather. It seems that most of the French communities are based within Lisbon which is a pretty convenient place to start a new life. Lisbon is undergoing massive improvements since the recession and not to mention, one of the safest cities in Europe. 

If you are looking to move somewhere with the buzzing Parisian atmosphere but with the safety and security that we all search for in our new home, Lisbon is the place. The number of jobs in Portugal for French Speakers is growing day by day. There are over 50 jobs in Portugal for French speakers, in both Lisbon and Porto. The best part is, your never too far from home! Some opportunities even have relocation packages


Top Sectors:

Customer Service



Dutch-Speaking Jobs


The demand for Dutch-speakers in Portugal is on an all-time high. If the beautiful beautiful beaches and landscapes aren’t enough to move you from the Netherlands to Portugal then the considerably low cost of living, colourful architecture and streets, should be more than enough. 


Portugal is the perfect distance from Holland, not too far yet far enough from your own culture. If you are looking to move to a new location with a similar pace of life to areas in the Netherlands but with the addition of sand, good weather and beautiful views of the sea, Portugal is the one for you! What's more, some of our opportunities even have relocation packages!


Top Sectors:




English-Speaking Jobs


With Brexit on the horizon, it might be time to pack your bags and start searching for an English Speaking job in Portugal. Why wouldn’t you want to relocate somewhere as idyllic as Portugal? A perfect combination of landscapes, beautiful beaches and buzzing towns with incredible nightlife, tasty restaurants and of course, great places to shop. 


Looking for a job in Portugal is a great option for those of you who speak fluent English. Especially in places like Lisbon, English is widely spoken and the second most spoken language after Portuguese


Top Sectors:

Customer Service

Recruitment and Procurement


Move to Portugal 


Hopefully, you already feel persuaded and encouraged to search for jobs in Portugal. To ensure that your move to Portugal is smooth and drama-free we have some useful tips to ensure that you are organised and ready to take on Portugal! 


  • Meet People - Nowadays its easier than ever before to meet people before we relocate somewhere as well as when we arrive. Of course, you may meet lots of people through your job in Portugal but it’s nice to branch out and make a wider circle of friends too, you can meet people with the same interests as you and try out new activities, it’s a great way to settle into a new location. Websites like Meetup.comInternationsCouchsurfing are great places to connect with fellow expatriates and surrounding yourself with people like you will make your move considerably easier! 


  • Find somewhere to live -  Now for one of the hardest parts, trying to find housing, it can be difficult to find somewhere to live, especially if you are trying to do it from another country but our best advice to stay in a hostel for your first few days, and during this time you can book some house and flat viewings. This gives you the opportunity to go and look around the different areas of the city and see where exactly you want to live. 


  • Sort our your finances - Our best advice is to set yourself up with an online bank account before you relocate. These type of bank accounts are perfect for travellers and will help you to avoid paying any unwanted fees. As you are looking for jobs in Portugal, these are the perfect bank accounts for you, as you can get paid straight into this account. 


  • Move your belongings - One of the biggest struggles when moving abroad is trying to pack and move all of our things. It can be almost impossible to fit all our luggage into one or two suitcases, and thankfully we found the perfect solution - an amazing luggage service that sends your luggage to your chosen destination. Saving you the hassle of trying to carry all of your luggage on your own. 


Now it's time to search for jobs in Portugal and see what is available in your industry. Remember these are not the only languages jobs in Portugal, there are so many opportunities for different language speakers. If you are looking to explore different places in Europe, we have the best opportunities for language speakers on the Europe Language Jobs board. It's time to start searching!


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