Top 6: cities where German speakers are in demand

Top 6: cities where German speakers are in demand

As a German speaker, you may feel limited to living in only German-speaking countries but in this day and age, German language skills are in high demand in more places than you can imagine.

Your native language can give you a major advantage over other candidates and can help you to make that move abroad easier! Lots of countries have a high demand for certain language speakers and within Europe, there is a particularly high demand for German speakers in many beautiful and interesting European destinations...  

There are so many exciting companies based throughout Europe, who are searching far and wide to source German-Speaking candidates. Are you a German speaker looking for a new destination? Discover the exciting cities that you could move to with your German language skills… 


1. Prague, Czech Republic.  

Find a German-speaking job in Prague, a city packed full of gothic cathedrals, beautiful lakes, castles, and areas of profound natural beauty. A city that many people would like to call home! 

Over the years, Prague has become a popular tourist destination, perfect for long weekends and city breaks, but a short getaway wasn’t enough for a lot of Europeans, who have made the move to Prague to live a good quality lifestyle, for a considerably lower price. 

It’s not just the attractive cost of living that is bringing lots of Germans to Prague, it’s the combination of historic beauty, landscapes, stunning architecture, and, of course, the cheap yet delicious beer! The culture in Prague doesn’t differ much from some of the most iconic German cities and this is why there is a fast-growing population of expats from Berlin, Madrid, Hamburg, and more. Not to mention, being ranked 8th out of 72 top expat cities in the world.

For those of you who want to move somewhere fairytale-like, filled with history, art, and a strong appreciation for music and beer, Prague is the one for you. 


There are a number of different German-speaking Jobs in Prague that you can consider... 


2. Athens, Greece.

German speakers, find a job in Athens, a city so rich in culture, history, and of course, delicious food - what more could you ask for? 

In recent years, the population of Athens has grown considerably as they have started to welcome young people from all of Europe. Since this international increase, Athens has been named “one of the most exciting cities around the world”, not to mention one of the oldest! Thanks to this recent surge of internationals, Athens is bursting with creativity, innovation, and opportunity

Athens offers amazing work opportunities, good quality of life, and a low cost of living, so there’s no wonder that it is becoming “the place to be” for young European professionals, particularly German speakers. 

If you are looking for a picturesque, multicultural, and historic place to call home, Athens is the one for you...


Discover the German-speaking opportunities in Athens:


3. Lisbon, Portugal.

There are lots of jobs in Lisbon for German-speakers; a beautiful, radiant city bursting with culture and creativity

Just like Athens, Lisbon’s expat community has grown rapidly over the past couple of years and thanks to this, the city is packed with young Europeans, particularly German and English speaking expats. The City became very popular in recent years, after a significant rise in tourism, naming Portugal as one of “Europe’s hottest destinations”. For a lot of travellers, the city was too good to leave and many of these young travellers have now settled in Lisbon. 

This significant rise of immigration has brought many benefits to the capital, from a growing freelance digital community to a thriving bar and restaurant scene and nightlife, but the most important traditions of the Portuguese culture have remained; the beautiful food, music culture and the ancient architecture.  

If you are looking for the best of both worlds, a beautiful, colourful historic city situated close enough to the beach - Lisbon is perfect! 


Discover the German-speaking opportunities in Lisbon:


4. Barcelona, Spain.

Find a German-speaking job in Barcelona; a multicultural spot, rich in Spanish culture; Tapas, Flamenco dancing, Gothic history, Gaudi’s architecture, and more. 

The great thing about Barcelona is that it doesn’t just celebrate its own culture, and it has adopted parts of different cultures from all over the world. So many young German expats have moved to Barcelona and this has had a great influence on the music culture, the food and drinks, the fashion, fiestas, and more! 

It’s no wonder that so many Europeans have chosen to settle here, Barcelona is full of culture, diversity, and creativity. The German community within Barcelona is growing each year and currently, there is a huge demand for German speakers. 

If you are looking to move somewhere with both mountains and beaches nearby, cosmopolitan culture, and a perfect mix of weather, Barcelona may just be the destination for you. Not to mention - Barcelona puts on a pretty good Oktoberfest!


Discover the German-speaking opportunities in Barcelona:


5. Dublin, Ireland.

Find a German-speaking job in Dublin; a friendly yet lively city with close proximity to beaches, mountains, parks, and areas of natural beauty. 

The Irish are well known for their warm welcomes and their love for Guinness and other alcoholic beverages, which shouldn't differ too much from life in Germany. Over the years, Dublin has become more and more of a multicultural city as lots of big-name brands have moved their headquarters here. Dublin has been named the 'Cultural Capital' of Ireland and ranked in the top 5 cultural cities in Europe.

Thanks to their improved Education and Health-care, life in Dublin has become more and more appealing to European expats of all ages.

Although Dublin is a city flooded with history and beautiful architecture, it remains a youthful city thanks to its large student presence. Dublin is the perfect place for those of you looking to kickstart your career in a city with excitement, culture, and opportunities! 


Discover the German-speaking opportunities in Dublin:


6. Sofia, Bulgaria.

Discover the German-speaking opportunities in Sofia, an authentic, friendly capital located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula. 

Expats grow attached to the beautiful Bulgarian capital, thanks to the low-cost living, the friendly locals and most importantly, it's authenticity that has remained throughout the years. Sofia is a fun and exciting city, home to some of Bulgaria's main Universities and a growing community of younger expats and students. Due to the lower cost of living and the skills gaps, lots of start-ups and new companies have moved here to begin their success. 

Sofia remains unique in comparison to other European cities, here you will discover medieval architecture, a strong art and music presence, a must-see theatre district and deliciously cheap beer! All of these attractions are situated just 30 minutes from snowy mountains, perfect for skiing and hiking! 

If the beer, the music festivals, and culture, aren't enough to persuade you German speakers to relocate, the young expat presence, the perfect mixture of seasons, and the affordable lifestyle, should be enough!


Discover the German-speaking opportunities in Sofia:


We hope you enjoyed our tour around Europe, discovering where your German language skills are in demand and the exciting locations you could move to this winter! The opportunities don't stop here, there are hundreds of German-speaking opportunities waiting for you in various locations across Europe. Are you thinking of relocating to one of these culture-rich cities? Leave a comment below telling us where!