Top Visa Free Destinations Where Polish Speakers Are in Demand

Top Visa Free Destinations Where Polish Speakers Are in Demand

The world right now is an open book. Especially here in Europe, we are lucky enough to be able to travel to many places without the necessity to obtain mounds of documents. Things get a little bit more complicated outside of the EU, but it’s still nothing scary.

Did you know the Polish passport ranked as the 8th strongest passport in the world in 2022? The strength of the passport is measured by how many countries its holder is able to travel to without a visa. Poland has scored its high place thanks to the considerable number of 184 destinations worldwide that its citizens can enter without a visa. It is a great improvement from the 10th place in 2021, and 11th in 2020.

For comparison, a Swiss passport (desired by so many) finds itself in the 6th place, with only 2 more visa-free destinations.

* The information above is based on research by The Henley Passport Index

As our primary focus is monitoring and managing the current job market, there is nobody better-informed than us in terms of where Polish speakers are in demand. In this article, we will share with you top destinations in Europe for Polish speakers – and 3 bonus ones outside of it, where you can go without a visa!

Ready? Let’s go!

  1. Greece
  2. Portugal
  3. The Czech Republic
  4. Spain
  5. Hungary

Bonus 3 non-European destinations without a visa:

  1. Canada
  2. The United States
  3. Mauritius


1.       Greece

The climate in Poland is admittedly not so bad. But it is definitely nowhere near as nice as Greece. Many would be willing to drop everything and relocate there in a blink of an eye – all the better that Greece is currently intensely looking for Polish speakers!

If the climate itself is not enough to sway you, then perhaps the island style of living or the exquisite cuisine will. For those more down-to-Earth whose worry about the quality of living overshadows their excitement about the breathtaking views and the perspective of living a ten-minute walk from the beach, we rush to explain.

Yes, Greece may not bear the badge of the economical power of Germany, but the costs of living are adjusted to the salaries. One doesn’t need to earn in triple numbers in order to live a comfortable life in Greece.

The destination we choose vastly depends on our expectations and priorities. If our main aim is saving up a hefty sum, then we’re probably better off choosing one of the economical giants such as Germany or Switzerland. But if what you’re after is a relaxed, holiday-like kind of lifestyle in the perfect climate, working a Polish-speaking job, then Greece is the number one spot to go.

Top jobs for Polish speakers in Greece: Business Consultant, Customer Support, HR

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2.       Portugal

Portugal is currently undergoing a process of rapid economic development, so its companies are actively hiring foreigners. Multilinguals are so important to Portuguese employers that they are willing to offer attractive relocation packages. They can include a vast range of benefits such as company-issued accommodation for the first few months of employment, a hiring bonus, support with legal issues, private health insurance – even pleasantries such as Multisport cards, meal vouchers, and much more!

Just like in Greece, the salaries in Portugal are relatively low compared to other European countries – that is true. But again, just like in Greece, the standard of living is entirely adjusted to the population’s earnings. Nobody will demand you pay €4 for a loaf of bread there. A decent meal in an inexpensive restaurant can cost you as little as €8. Not to mention you can enjoy this meal on a terrace with a perfect sea view – something you won’t experience in Switzerland, no matter how much you earn.

The climate in Portugal is definitely one of the other aspects that attract Polish speakers. As a rather small country, it is perfect for exploring, giving you the possibility to discover its various nooks and corners without needing to drive too far. Since Portugal only neighbours with Spain, you can almost feel like you’re living on an island – peaceful and isolated from the rapid pace of the rest of the world. Perhaps this internal peace you will feel living in Portugal is exactly why it was ranked as number 3 on the list of the world’s safest countries in 2022.

Top jobs for Polish speakers in Portugal: Customer Support, Content Moderator, Marketing

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3. The Czech Republic

If you are a Polish speaker who is looking to relocate but doesn’t want to stray too far from your home country, then look no further. The Czech Republic is just the destination for you. Compact and attached to the Polish border, it is similar enough culture and climate-wise that you won’t experience a shock moving there.

International companies are increasingly moving their offices to this low-profile but beautiful Central European country. Therefore, the demand for foreign language speakers is growing each year. The Czech Republic is becoming more cosmopolitan every day – especially Prague and Brno. It’s not without a reason that Forbes magazine has placed the Czech Republic on top of their list of best countries for women to work in, in 2019 – and since then, it has been constantly improving!

The Czech language is generally considered quite difficult to learn, but it is similar enough to Polish that Polish speakers relocating there should not have much trouble assimilating. The historical beauty of the Czech Republic is definitely yet another factor on the long list of its advantages. The traditional architecture is different from the Mediterranean climate prominent in Greece or in the breezy Portugal, but it is charming in its own special way.

What’s more, the Czech Republic is often described as a very active country. Its citizens reportedly enjoy all kinds of activity – be it hiking, organising spontaneous road trips, or going for walks to explore the immediate surroundings. The compact size of the country makes for a perfect opportunity for wandering souls, so if you favour an active lifestyle, the Czech Republic is the way to go.

Top jobs for Polish speakers in the Czech Republic: Business Development, Finance, Sales

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4.       Spain

As our office is located in Spain, we can give you a hundred and more reasons why relocating here is the best decision you could possibly make. We will try to remain objective, but the truth is, Spain is simply the perfect destination for everyone.

It is not just a rumour that Spain enjoys a very relaxed lifestyle – this applies to the working culture as well. It can be perceived both as a good and a bad thing; you will be subjected to less stress here, but you will also need to get used to certain things taking longer to organise than you might be familiar with. However, it does have its advantages, too – living in Spain teaches you to slow down, live in the moment, appreciate the here and now. Moving here, you will discover that taking a moment to breathe won’t ruin all your progress and put you behind. Quite the contrary, it will relax you and help you remain productive for longer, lowering the risks of burning out.

Living in Spain, you will spend a lot of time outside. You will notice people lounging in parks, strolling down the streets, and enjoying delicious meals on terraces – all thanks to the great weather dominating the year. This will definitely be beneficial for your health, not to mention your wellbeing.

Top jobs for Polish speakers in Spain: Sales, Accounting, Marketing

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5.       Hungary

If you decide to move Hungary, you will be able to witness the economical boom it is undergoing right now first-hand. The period of increased development comes hand-in-hand with a high demand for mutlilinguals from all over the world – including Polish speakers.

While looking for work in Hungary, you should mostly focus on its bigger cities such as Budapest, Debrecen or Miskolc. Even while looking for a job for Polish speakers, you might want to learn at least the basics of Hungarian, as this could make your everyday life outside of work easier. However, the historical beauty of this country with a long tradition is worth assimilating a few phrases.

Despite the quick development, the Hungarians are appreciative of their past. Walking down the streets, you can feel the echoes of the empire the country used to form. Its breathtaking architecture, low cost of living, and the nurturing nature of citizens make Hungary a great destination for Polish speakers looking for a job abroad.

Top jobs for Polish speakers in Hungary: Finance, Customer Support, Technology

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Still not sure which country to pick? Read on for our bonus of the top 3 countries without a visa where Polish speakers are in demand!


1.       Canada

We hear a lot about the American dream. Perhaps it’s the time we changed it to the Canadian dream. That’s right, Canada is the new America!

First of all, Canada was placed on the 6th place on world’s list of safest countries in 2022. Its peaceful nature reflects on the citizens, making it a true dream destination. If you are one of those for whom the perfect climate and good food is not enough to choose a country as your next home, then perhaps you will be swayed by the attractive salaries employers in Canada are willing to offer to qualified Polish speakers.

If the climate is important to you, we’re not going to lie, Canadian winters may upset you a bit. However, if you’re a native Polish speaker, then you’re probably used to quite severe winters (a Polish gal speaking from experience here). And hey, the winters may be long and quite hard, but that makes for the perfect skiing/snowboarding destination.

Did you know there are more lakes in Canada itself than in the rest of the world combined? We don’t know about you, but we’re very tempted to go and count them all!

Now, for the fun part. Yes, it is true that holders of Polish passports can now enter Canada without a visa. What you will need instead is an eTA – Electronic Travel Authorization. No, no, don’t get scared, it’s easy! An eTA is electronically linked to a passenger’s passport and is valid for up to five years, or until the passport expires (whichever comes first).

A valid eTA allows you to travel to Canada for a short stay whenever you want (a short stay is usually considered for up to 6 months at a time). You do not need to print any documents, the application process can be done entirely online, and the fee is a mere CAD $7.

Easy as it is, it would really be a sin not to go to Canada now.


2.       The United States

If you’d still rather live out the American dream, then you’ll be happy to hear that Polish speakers are also in demand in the US. The value of an American dollar is a bit different from the Canadian one, but in general, life in the States is slightly cheaper than in the land of their Northern neighbours.

The US definitely offer a bigger variety of landscapes than Canada, that is true. From the sunny Florida and California, to the scorching-hot Texas and New Mexico, to the snowy Oregon and Michigan, to the urban Illinois and New York,  to the rural Alabama or Kentucky. Each state has something different to offer – be it climate, views, food, or customs. You can mix and match those that will tick all the boxes on your wish list.

Both the US and Canada are huge countries, but whereas only about 20% of Canada is populated, the States are made up of multiple metropolises. The size and diversity of this powerful country can be both overwhelming and awe-inspiring. Both number 1 and 2 on our list of top non-European destinations for Polish speakers without visa are located in North America – that’s not a coincidence.

The world is big, but there’s no denying that North America is a great economical power. If you’d like to leave Europe for financial reasons, and find a well-paying job for Polish speakers, then this is probably where your eyes will wander first. It doesn’t hurt that the US is one of the countries you can visit without a visa.


3.       Mauritius

If North America doesn’t quite speak to you, how about something more exotic? This tropical paradise is open for Polish speakers, especially in the tourism industry. You can also find positions in banking, IT, and services.

Polish citizens don’t need to apply for a visa to enter Mauritius – you will need a working permit if you wish to move there for professional reasons. Non-residents are not required to pay VAT, and those who spend less than 183 days in the country don’t need to pay income taxes there. This makes Mauritius perfect for seasonal work – you could spend half of your year there during the holiday season, and spend the other half somewhere else.

Expats describe Mauritius as very welcoming. Its community is diverse, as more and more people have been relocating there in the past years. It is not just a tropical island – it’s also a quickly-developing country offering lots of opportunities for growth. It is known for high-quality healthcare, good education, and an expanding job market. Mauritius is not an obvious choice when most of us think about relocation, but it is definitely an attractive one. After all, its expat community is steadily growing for a reason.


We hope we have managed to help you choose your path with our list of visa free destinations – whether you wish to migrate within Europe, or outside of it. Remember that being a Polish speaker is a great value, as not many people born outside of Poland take the time to learn this difficult language. Since the Polish market is expanding, reaching far beyond the Polish borders, native speakers from Poland are a true treasure for international employers.

Are you a Polish speaker living in a country we didn’t mention? Share your experience! Both us and other fellow expats from Poland would love to hear about your adventures :)