9 Easiest Countries to Find a Job Abroad in Europe

9 Easiest Countries to Find a Job Abroad in Europe


Is one of your goals for 2024 to move abroad? If so, you may be in the process of deciding where to go. There are several things you need to take into consideration when choosing where to relocate, but one of the most pressing ones is finding a job in another country.


As experts in the area of finding jobs abroad, we have a lot of insights on this topic. We have looked at factors such as the number of vacancies in each country, competition, and relocation procedures to compile a list of the easiest countries to find a job abroad in Europe


As we specialise in relocation within Europe, this guide will discuss the simplicity of the relocation process for European citizens. We do not take into consideration visa requirements, as they can be very different, depending on everyone’s individual situation. 



Easiest Countries to Find a Job Abroad in Europe 


  1. Portugal
  2. Greece
  3. Spain
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Malta
  6. Latvia
  7. Poland
  8. Czech Republic
  9. Romania 



  1. Portugal


Portugal is one of the top choices for many people who want to experience an adventure abroad. It tempts with its heavenly climate, relaxed lifestyle, and beautiful landscapes. 


What’s more, it welcomes professionals with a variety of job vacancies! Portugal is an all-time number one on our job board in regards to the number of listings. New positions open up there all the time, inviting job seekers from all over Europe.


Now, some people say that the administrative aspect of relocating for a job in Portugal can be tricky. European citizens don’t need a work permit to be employed in a company based in Portugal, but obtaining NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal), an obligatory local tax number, can be challenging. 


But it’s not due to the unfriendly system - the difficulties result from a high number of people waiting to obtain their NIF due to the increased interest in moving to Portugal in recent years. Portuguese citizens are nice and incredibly helpful, so you can count on support, even if you don’t know the language. 


Portugal has joined the list of countries offering the craved Digital Nomad visa, further accommodating expats from outside of Europe.


Find a job in Portugal now!


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  1. Greece


Gone are the times when Greece was mainly known as a popular summer holiday destination. It still attracts many tourists, but also a growing number of people who want to stay there for longer.  


Many international corporations are targeting Greece as an attractive site for expansion. Headquarters of multinational companies are popping up in major Greek cities, providing hundreds of new vacancies for speakers of a variety of languages. 


The low cost of living is an obvious advantage. You don’t have to splurge to afford life in this Mediterranean paradise, enjoy the delicious food, and become part of its rich culture. 


Did you know that no spot in Greece is further than 137 km from the water? The Greeks promote the art of slow living, so Greece is the perfect destination for everyone who needs to escape the corporate rat race and soak in the sea.


Find a job in Greece now! 


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  1. Spain


Spain has been a major multicultural hub for many years now. The culture, food, and climate draw in expats and keep them there for good.


The high unemployment rate among Spanish citizens is concerning, but native language speakers from other countries are highly sought-after by multinational companies based in Spain. 


You don’t have to speak Spanish to get by in major cities. In fact, knowing other languages is an advantage that can land you an attractive job in Spain. The competition among Spanish speakers is fierce, so any additional language gets you ahead in the game. 


Similarly to Portugal, expats in Spain need to obtain NIE (Número de Identitad de Extranjero) to find employment legally. The process can also be challenging due to long, long queues and low availability of appointment slots. 


This is an obstacle that you will need a lot of patience to deal with, but don’t let it discourage you. In all other aspects, Spain is one of the easiest countries to find a job abroad in Europe.


Find a job in Spain now!


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  1. Bulgaria


Bulgaria is one of the most underrated destinations in Europe. And you can use it to your advantage. 


The countries we have discussed so far are already popular among expats. Bulgaria isn’t an obvious expat destination just yet, despite being a great country to live in - with a low cost of living, diverse landscape, and a rapidly developing economy.       


While everyone else lines up for Portugal, Greece, and Spain, you can carve your own path and head to Bulgaria. The job market is less competitive and offers various opportunities for language speakers from other countries.


After a stress-free job search, you can secure a job and explore Bulgaria’s hidden gems. You can go skiing in Borovets in winter and enjoy the sun and the sea in the Golden Sands resort in the summer. 


As one of the easiest countries to find a job abroad in Europe and low-profile destinations, Bulgaria truly has a little bit of everything to offer incoming expats.


Find a job in Bulgaria now!


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  1. Malta


Who wouldn’t want to live on an island?


Malta is the dream destination for many, with its beautiful architecture, hot climate, and vibrant lifestyle. But not many people know that moving there is not as difficult as it seems!


This European island is actually one of the easiest countries to find a job abroad in Europe. The hospitality sector is constantly looking for new employees due to Malta’s popularity as a holiday destination. 


What’s more, Malta is also a gaming hub, which creates a high demand for multilingual game presenters. People from all over the world visit the island to try their luck at gambling and require native-speaking presenters to host the game nights.


Malta is a great option for a seasonal job in a hotel or a casino, or for more permanent residence, for example working in the customer service sector. The island isn’t big, but it has a lot to offer to expats from all around Europe.


Find a job in Malta now!


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  1. Latvia


Just like Bulgaria, Latvia is another one of Europe’s hidden gems. This small country provides big opportunities for expats who don’t mind wandering off the beaten path.


If hot weather isn’t your cup of tea, then Latvia could be the perfect choice for you. Nestled between Lithuania and Estonia in the North of Europe, it offers a slightly cooler climate.


It also boasts a relatively high number of job vacancies for such a compact country. Language speakers are needed to work as team leaders and quality analysts, both in local businesses and international companies with headquarters in Riga.


Latvia is the perfect choice for everyone who wants to slow down and escape the daily struggles of big-city life. Even the capital is among one of the smallest in Europe, and more than 52% of Latvia’s territory is covered in woodlands. You can reconnect with nature in one of the easiest countries to find a job abroad in Europe.


Find a job in Latvia now!


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  1. Poland


Poland has it all. Mountains in the South, the sea in the North, lakes galore in the North-East. Did you know it also has its very own desert


If you’d like to personally discover what other secrets Poland is keeping, we’ve got good news for you: it is one of the easiest countries to find a job abroad in Europe. Poland’s job market is extensive and diverse, with professional opportunities scattered among many big cities. 


Polish is difficult to learn, but it’s not necessary to get by in major cities such as Krakow or Gdansk. Especially the younger generations speak perfect English, and fluency is one of the main requirements of working for an international company there.


What’s more, many Poles choose to experience the expat lifestyle and move somewhere else, leaving many vacancies for foreigners to fill. It’s a balanced country with a balanced climate - you can experience all 4 seasons, with cold winters, hot summers, and truly picturesque autumn and spring. 


Find a job in Poland now!


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  1. Czech Republic


The expat community in the Czech Republic is undergoing its all-time boom. The country’s economy has grown in the last decade, encouraging international companies to open headquarters there and creating new professional opportunities.


As another small, cosy country, the Czech Republic offers a quiet but exciting lifestyle and a good work-life balance. Bigger cities such as Prague or Brno are home to many expats, driving the demand for international events.


The cosy character of the country contributes to a friendly, tight-knit expat community, which welcomes newcomers with open arms. Czech citizens are very kind and open-minded, ready to help foreigners integrate into their rich culture. 


Naturally, the Czech Republic’s impressive unemployment rate cannot go unmentioned. It is among one of the lowest in Europe - and even hovers close to the top in the global ranking - so you should definitely take it into consideration as one of the easiest countries to find a job abroad in Europe.


Find a job in the Czech Republic now!


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  1. Romania


Last but not least, we cannot forget about Romania. The capital, Bucharest, is a fast-developing industrial city and a breeding ground for tech start-ups. Eager entrepreneurs creating new businesses, together with multinational companies opening branches in this rapidly growing country, create attractive opportunities for language speakers. 


The steady appearance of new jobs is countered by low competition. With the majority of expats accumulating in a few most popular countries, vacancies in Romania are up for grabs. 


Romanian employers want to encourage foreign talent to join the local workforce, so many of them offer relocation packages. You can find a job with extra perks such as paid accommodation and bills, flight tickets, or extra financial bonuses. 


Why fight for jobs somewhere else, when there are so many great vacancies in Romania waiting to be filled? 


Find a job in Romania now!


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This is our list of the easiest countries to find a job abroad in Europe. We based it on our own observations and independently connected data, but if you have other experiences, we would love to hear about them in the comments section below. 


The variety of the countries mentioned in the article ensures that everyone will find the perfect destination for themselves. If you’re interested in other attractive countries in aspects other than the easy job search, check out our list of top 10 European destinations.


*The data used in Infographics regarding average salaries in each country were taken from Salary Explorer.

Feeling inspired? Visit our blog for more career advice! How can you be sure the information we provide is top-notch? We are a group of professionals working with recruiters, career coaches, and HR specialists from all over the world! 

Trust our experience and let us help you find a new job in Europe!

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